Client Feature: Jody Montero - Old School Pilates

Client Feature: Jody Montero

Jody is a Pilates rock star! Here she is captured rocking her Short Spine Massage (something she could not do a year ago). We are so proud of Jody and how far she has come on her Pilates journey!

What brought you to Pilates? 
Recommendation from Cardiologist. Due to breathing problems with mitral valve leak and other cardiovascular issues I was restricted from using heavy weights.

What has Pilates done for you?
Significantly improved my stamina & breathing during exercise as well as strength.

Why Old School Pilates?
I followed Daniela to her new studio. She’s a dedicated, conscious and motivating teacher. She’s helped me physically but also mentally in-terms of believing I can challenge myself. Everything she does is safe and effective. She’s worked on my scoliosis and my horrible bunions as well!

How often do you come to Pilates?
4 times/week

What is your favorite Pilates exercise ? What is your least favorite? 
I love most exercises on the reformer & Cadillac. Least favorite is the hundred!

How do you apply Pilates to your every day life?
When I walk for cardio or on stationary bike, I’m very cognizant of proper positioning. For walking, I make sure to maintain good posture and ensure the heel of my feet start before the toes. On the recumbent bike I’m positioned so that my posture and alignment is properly placed.

What advice would you give someone considering trying Pilates for the first time?

Pilates is one of the best strength training programs. It presents little or no risk of injury as there is with weight training or other programs. The focus on the core, shoulder placement and other key areas of the body ensure an effective workout. Unlike other programs, Pilates improves posture. I don’t see that outcome with other programs.