What is Pilates?

You can say what Pilates is in three words. Stretch with Strength and Control. And the control part is the most important because that makes you use your mind.

-Romana Kryzanowska

Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates (1880 – 1967). It has proven to be tried, true and effective over the past 80 years. Influenced by both eastern and western practices, Pilates involved a sequence of corrective exercises performed on various pieces equipment with focus on a strong center and proper use of breath.


Pilates connects the mind and body and is incredibly safe and effective for all. When practiced consistently and correctly it will correct imbalances, postural alignment, improve strength, flexibility and overall well-being.

New Client Specials

“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy callisthenics or forced contortion.”

-Joseph Pilates


If you are new to Pilates, private sessions are the place to begin. Why? To build a solid foundation of Pilates principles and how they system works specifically for you!

At Old School Pilates we honor Joseph Pilates legacy by empowering our clients to take ownership of their practice. Private lessons are the perfect place to learn your exercises and order as well as gain awareness of your individual needs. You will be exposed to the system of pilates and the variety of apparatus and exercises within our system. Once you learn the basics, you can take your findings to thrive in our group classes. This offer is available for new clients only.