Seven Tips for successful (and sustainable) meal planning.

One of the biggest struggle’s I hear from clients is diet.

How to eat, when to eat, where to eat, if to eat at all.

Trust me, I am right there with you. Life can be incredibly busy and inconsistent. Figuring out where to fit in healthy, nutritious, home cooked meals seems impossible at times.

1.Planning Ahead is EVERYTHING 

I get it, sometimes planning ahead seems impossible. Especially when we are busy. We live in a world where we might not have the same days off every week, we may not even have a day off this week. But finding the time each week to plan out meals will make the rest of the week run much smoother.

2. Simplicity is Key 

The first thing I recommend to clients who want to give weekly meal planning a try, it to start simple. Round up quick and easy recipes that you already know how to make and enjoy eating. The biggest key to success is simplicity. That goes for shopping as well as recipe planning.

3. Use the same ingredients throughout the week. 

Try to incorporate the same ingredients into multiple meals throughout your week. This makes grocery shopping easier and more affordable. It also helps to assure that ingredients get used and don’t go to waste.

4. Make Breakfast ahead of time.

Especially for breakfast and lunch. We would all love to wake up and make a leisurely breakfast every morning. For most of us, that just is not possible, which tends to lead to no breakfast at all. Make a batch of protein waffles or pancakes ahead of time and freeze them for the week. (like these here)


5. Leftovers are lunches best friend.  

If you don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning, chances are you don’t have time to pack yourself a lunch either. Pack leftovers from dinner the night before so it is ready to go to grab in the AM and take on your way.


6. Make Extra and thank yourself later. 

Make large batch dishes that you can have at least twice. I know for us, there are nights throughout our week where neither of us get home before 8pm. If we didn’t have dinner already made from a previous night, we would go out to eat every since one of these late nights. Make it easier to eat in than to eat out.


7. Prep ahead of time.

This goes hand in hand with reusing ingredients throughout your week. Making curry tonight that uses the same veggies as your stir fry on Wednesday? prep extra and make life easier down the road. Same goes for salad. I always prep veggies for salad early in the week and have them ready to go for quick lunches and dinners.


Want to make meal prep even easier?


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