Love the mat but feel like you want more?

Add some home friendly apparatus to your routine to use in class or private sessions.

Barrels and Spine Correctors

They can be used in private lessons as well as during classes on our schedule. Wonderful for correcting posture, reversing tightnesses caused by sitting in front of the computer, supporting the spine as you build strength, and managing back pain.

The Budget Friendly Spine Corrector

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The Traditional Spine Corrector

This is the first piece of home apparatus we recommend to our clients! Open your chest, stretch your hips, and find your center with this versatile piece of equipment!

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The Small Barrel

Great space saver, this small barrel can do (almost) anything you can do with the spine corrector.

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The C-Shaper

Trouble finding your C? Feel like your back is just totally never going to bend? Have trouble holding your head and neck up in mat class? This C-shaper is for you!

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Props and Accessories

They can be used in private lessons as well as during many classes on our schedule. Wonderful for correcting alignment, supporting you where you need it most, and challenging you in just the right way!

The Toe Tensometer (Toe-Corrector)

Correct disfunction of your feet, alignment of your legs, and a connection to your seat!

This small but mighty gizmo can be used to help you find stability in our Mat classes or a taste of spring resistance in our Reformer on the Mat class!

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The Weighted Pole

We recommend 2 lbs (trust it, it feels like a lot more!)

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The Magic Circle

Provides support where you need it and challenge when your ready for it! This will become your go to prop for Pilates!

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The Original Spring Circle

Traditionalist, this circle is for you! This Old School circle is much stronger than it’s modern counterparts.

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