Teacher Feature: Alisha Miller - Old School Pilates

Teacher Feature: Alisha Miller

What brought you to Pilates?

I have always loved dancing and pretended to be a Ballerina from a young age. I would spend hours in front of a big mirror practicing my ability to move my body.  As a young adult I worked out with various home videos, hiked and danced as part of an exercise routine. After the birth of my second child, both cesarean, I found my balance from my core was extremely weak and I searched for a power strengthening video. I found the Windsor Pilates DVD and after a few weeks using the exercises I noticed my core returning. I was surprised and delighted with the results. I started praising the benefits to friends and family. 18 years of practice and concern for the people around me and their many complaints. I decided that a career in Pilates was how I could help the people around me gain and understand the benefits of Pilates forfor every day living.

How often do you practice Pilates? 

I believe that Pilates is every day movement. So I practice mindfulness, control, breathing, balance every day.
What is your favorite Pilates exercise? 

Barbie on the Wunda Chair and the Series of 5 on the Mat!

What is your least favorite?

Neck pull

How do you apply Pilates to your every day life/other activities you love?

I stand mostly at my day job and try to be mindful of stance and balancing on my legs. I hike a lot and usually not on the trail so understanding balance from the use of my core helps me to stand on uneven ground, loose terrain and climbing large boulders with ease… And surprise some days

How do you feel now versus when you first started taking Pilates? 

I feel taller and I find my muscles are strong and not in need of stretching, although who doesn’t love a good stretch

What made you take the leap from Pilates student to teacher? 

I love teaching health and awareness to people. I decided a long career in the dental field wasn’t as satisfying as it once was in the past 29 years and a career change was needed. Pilates allows me to control my day while giving back to people. Truly a joy for me.

What advice would you give someone considering trying Pilates for the first time? 

Pilates will change your life. Learning to move your body in space and understand how that happens will create a flow of movement in your every day life. Just like Joseph Pilates said it would.

What results have you seen since you first started Pilates?

I am less clumsy and have amazing balance.

Why Old School Pilates?

I love the structure of help with various levels in the same class. The stronger students give a visual guidance to the other students. There is no competition between anyone. Daniela has selected a wonderful group of instruction actors that help everyone on any day that fits their schedule.

 Anything else you want to share?

The love of Pilates is finally making a full circle and you don’t need to be a dancer or an athlete. All you need is to show up! Will help you with the rest. Love and peace. Thank you Daniela for giving me the opportunity to demonstrate my teaching knowledge.



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