“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.”  -Joseph Pilates


Equipment Classes

Our signature group classes are empowering and unique. Transform faster than you ever thought possible as you get you out of your comfort zone and reach goals you thought were out of reach. With the empowerment of our expert teachers, you’ll transform quickly and achieve the results you deserve.

Personalized programs respond to your body’s needs on any given day – whether you’re sore, tight, or feeling energized. Plus, independent exercise works your brain, making good movement a habit and part of your everyday life.

We have the full range of Pilates equipment, not just Reformers, so you’ll work out on over 10 different pieces of Pilates apparatus. This means you’ll work the complete system of the Pilates method. Our 5-1 student/teacher ratio ensures a safe, productive class that’s intimate and also affordable!

Pilates is for everyone. Pilates helps to balance the body to help you gain strength and flexibility. These will increase naturally the more you practice!


TO JOIN A GROUP EQUIPMENT CLASS you must complete 3 private lessons at Old School Pilates:  Start Here



Joes Gym

Appropriately named this group experience is run the same way Joseph Pilates ran his New York studio. Enter class, pick an apparatus and begin your self-guided workout with the aid of your Personalized Program card and exercise charts on the walls.

While you move throughout your workout, your teacher moves about the room aiding in alignment, checking in with your daily goals, correcting your posture and movement, and empowering you to work at your own level and pace while receiving personalized attention to your form and technique.

Leave mundane synchronized group fitness behind and learn to thrive as you lead yourself through a proven, results driven program designed just for you. And when you’ve met your goals and you’re ready for new challenges, we’ll update your program!



Clara’s Gym

It is said that at Pilates New York Contrology Gymnasium,  Joe would give you your exercises and expect you to know them. His wife, Clara, would go around and help fine tune teaching the nuances such as rhythm and flow.

Suited for all levels (including beginners) this class will work the full system of Pilates on many pieces of apparatus.  This group class offers a bit more structure and guidance than its counterpart “Joe’s Gym” as you begin your journey towards independence.

The beginning portion of the class will be lead by an expert teacher. The end of class will always be left for self-guided individual needs exercises from your personalized program card.




Mat Classes

The Pilates Matwork is the foundation of the Pilates’ system. Joseph Pilates intended for all humans to incorporate these exercises into their morning routines.  These were the first exercises created within the method. Your Pilates Progress is demonstrated through your ability to execute these exercises. By attending Mat classes you learn a series that you can practice daily and take with you wherever you go.




Return to Life Mat Class

Not suited for beginners. This is a fast past class with limited modifications. Master the 34 mat exercises outlined in Joseph Pilates book “Return to Life.” Be prepared to flow, breath, and get your sweat on while delving into the genius of the original mat sequence.



Old School Pilates Mat Class

All levels welcome (even first timers). Many find the mat-work to be the most difficult element of the Pilates system. And for good reason! Without the support of the apparatus, your body has to create its own resistance as you flow from one exercise to the next. It is on the mat that you will see your Pilates progress! Learn a full body workout you can practice daily and take with you anywhere!



Playful Pilates

Must sign up for entire session.This fun and energetic class will teach kids to build inner and outer strength. Kids will learn the mat Pilates sequence, mindful breathing tools and team building through games, stories, imaginative play and more! Watch your child improve in strength, balance flexibility, coordination, body awareness and control throughout the 5-week session!



Free Family Mat

We offer a free mat class for families while your kids are in Playful Pilates!

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