Virtual Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Old School Pilates Family,

Thank you for experimenting and sweating with us from your living rooms as we launched our virtual studio this past month!

We’ve written this guide on the Virtual class registration process so you have a handy reference as you are getting yourselves set up online.

We’re committed to making this shift as smooth as possible for you. If you have a need that was not addressed in this email, let us know!

Daniela and the Old School Pilates Team

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What do virtual classes cost and how do I pay for them?

Old School Pilates Clients with Active Class Memberships

Virtual classes are covered with your membership; additional classes have already been added to members’ accounts as a bonus. So if you normally got 4 in studio classes a month, you get 6 online. If you normally got 8 classes a month, you get 12 online.

If you have an ALL ACCESS membership, you will automatically be downgraded to the UNLIMITED GROUP MAT price starting with your April charge date.

You can sign up in Mindbody as you would for any other studio class and it will debit off your membership for the month.

Old School Pilates Clients with Active Class Packages

Use up your existing package (it works for Virtual classes) and receive extra free Virtual classes.

You don’t have to do anything, bonus classes have already been added to your package. Just keep signing up on Mindbody like you always do.

NEW CLIENTS to Old School Pilates

First class is FREE use promo code FIRSTCLASS to redeem here:


For a VERY limited time, your first month of unlimited virtual membership for $50

use promo code FIRSTMONTH50 to redeem here

What do I need to participate in a Virtual class?

  • Register for a Zoom videoconferencing account (free) and download the Zoom APP to the device you intend to use (computer, laptop, tablet or phone).
  • A mat or other padded surface with good traction
  • Hand weights, a pole (or towel), Toe Corrector (or 2 hair ties), and a magic circle are bonuses but not required. If you need to borrow these from the studio (FREE for current members), email to set up a pick up or drop off time.
  • Additional studio equipment is available for rent weekly (on a first come first serve basis) to private clients with active memberships or packages:
    • $25 for small apparatus (Spine Corrector, ped-o-pole, or Small Barrell)
    • $30 medium (Wunda Chair, Pilates floor mat with pole, dowels, moon boxes + strap or Ladder Barrel)
    • $50 for reformer/tower combos


Email for more info

How do I join a Virtual class or private lesson?

Register online for the class as soon as you are able – we are opening these up for clients at a distance as well as our existing studio clients. Classes have been filling quickly so sign up early.

Your instructor will email out a Zoom meeting link to all registered participants 24 hours before the scheduled class time (when the early cancelation window ends). Make sure you are checking the email we have on file.

The class link will be re-sent one hour before class starts to capture any day of sign ups.

Online registration for Virtual classes closes 75 minutes before class begins. 

Please do your best to sign up online before the registration window closes. Your instructor may be in a session with another client in the hour before your class and won’t be able to assist you via text until 15 min before your class is scheduled to start.

Use this link here to access our Virtual Zoom Studio.

You will enter a virtual waiting room. Make sure you have sign up for class online as ONLY students that are registered for class will be admitted from the waiting room into the classroom.

If I have technical difficulties logging into Zoom, who do I contact?

If the link is not working the day of your class, text your instructor – they will include their phone number in the email with the Zoom link.

For overall Zoom set up questions and tech support: Daniela will be reaching out to check in with all members and class package holders to assist you.

You can also set up a Zoom set up meeting FREE OF CHARGE here

Or call the studio @ 818-835-5538 to set up an appointment