About the Studio

Old School Pilates is an online haven for Classical Pilates offering expert training in authentic pilates. Enjoy private training and intimate group classes with our team of specialists dedicated to Joseph Pilates Method, a system of targeted results programming proven to get you the results you desire!

We are home to everyone from movement novices to professional athletes and everyone in between. Whatever your goal is, well empower you to accomplish it

Come transform with us through  LIVE interactive classes and private sessions daily via Zoom, recorded BONUS classes weekly for studio members, and an intimate Contrologist Club for Pilates teachers!

Old School Pilates was founded in 2018 by owner Daniela Caesar-Roden to bring authentic, “true to the method,” Classical Pilates to her clients.

Virtual Studio

Not able to make it to the studio? Practicing Social Distancing? We now offer all of our classes and session VIRTUALLY for anyone who wants to join from home, from work, or while out of town.

All you need is yourself and Zoom:

1. Sign up online in Mindbody
2. Download Zoom to your phone, tablet, or computer
3. Enter the Virtual Classroom when it is time for your class. You will be placed in a waiting room until your session begins. Make sure you have sign up for class online as ONLY students that are registered for class will be admitted from the waiting room into the classroom.
4. Make sure you have a mat and enough room around it to reach your arms/legs in all directions.

Community Support

We support our community through programs such as our civil servant discount program. All of the products sold in our retail space are made with love from other small businesses just like us! We are always looking for new ways of supporting our community, have an idea? Give a holler here!

Bricks & Mortar

We are a Gratz equipped boutique studio in Woodland Hills, CA offering private sessions, duets, and group classes all aimed at teaching the full system of Pilates. Our clients are empowered to gain independence by taking ownership of their workout and their health through individualized exercise plans.

About our Teachers

Studio Staff

Daniela Caesar-Roden (Program Director) is a 3rd generation Classical Pilates teacher and wellness retreat leader. She has over 12 years experience teaching movement to people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

Daniela was a hyperactive child with learning “disabilities”, who couldn’t sit still. Her escape became movement. This love of movement began with dance at a young age and continued through college. She began her teaching career in her teens teaching dance classes and choreographing at her local theater. This eventually led her to study Kinesiology, Pilates and more, and find her true passion of helping others through movement.

As a child and into her early 20’s, Daniela experienced chronic allergies and asthma, often landing her in the hospital. After trying everything, it was learning to breathe that changed her life in many ways.

Daniela continued to move and shake her way through college. She experienced a number of dance and yoga related injuries, Melanoma, a debilitating knee surgery, and late diagnosed Scoliosis. Over all else, it was Pilates that helped her to heal.

Pilates has taught Daniela that above all else, movement heals. She learned to breathe fully as well and the strength and stability needed to support her flexibility. It has also given her a platform to share her love of movement with others day in and day out. Every day she is reminded how to move with awareness, control, and ease. She is a life-long student of the method.

Daniela has worked with people of all ages, including: athletes, actors, dancers, entertainment professionals, corporate executives. Those that are injured, pregnant, “disabled”, abled and elderly to perfectly healthy bodies. Pilates can be done by all!

She received her mat Pilates certification in 2013 from Equinox and then went on to complete her classical comprehensive Pilates certification under 2nd generation teacher, Ana Caban. Over the years, she has taken multiple workshops and classes from Pilates Elders Jay Grimes of Vintage Pilates, Lolita San Miguel, and Sonjé Mayo as well as many 1st generation teachers. Every week, Daniela takes lessons from 2nd generation teachers Trish Garland and Sandy Shimoda.

Daniela also holds a BS in Kinesiology with a focus in dance.  She completed her Youth Yoga Certification with Stretch.Play.Yoga in 2012, 100hour Joy of Yoga training with Jennifer Prugh, 200hour Power Yoga Teacher Training, and 75hour bridge program with Olivia Barry at YogaWorks. Recently, she completed her Reiki Level 1 Training with Elenour Koury.

Claudine Stanley completed her comprehensive teacher training through the Ground Floor Program at Second Story Pilates. Before deciding to teach, she worked for many years as a Marketing Director for various companies in the Healthcare industry. She also has her MBA.  Claudine discovered Pilates about 10 years ago when she ruptured her Achilles tendon while playing tennis.  It was through Pilates that she learned about her core and how you need it for everything! Although she still loves marketing and meeting new people, she loves her new career as a Pilates instructor because she gets to see people smile and continue to do the things they love to do, Move!  “Everyone who comes in to the studio leaves slightly taller, a little more flexible, stronger and much more energized”. When Claudine is not teaching you will find her on the tennis courts, playing golf or practicing yoga. She is a native Californian and lives in the area with her husband and children.

Kelly Miller (Apprentice Teacher/Studio Manager)

Kelly is new to the world of Pilates.With more than 15 years experience working in the medical field, coaching in diet and nutrition and practicing yoga, Pilates has been the perfect fit.

Kelly is spending time at the studio both to fully immerse in the practice of Pilates and as our new Studio Manager!

She will begin her teaching apprenticeship this year.

Kristen (Apprentice Teacher)

Kristen discovered Pilates in 2009 at Power Pilates in NYC (working with the incredible @classicalpilatesnyc) and it was love at first teaser! Since then, Pilates has been her happy place. It has also been a place of healing.In 2017, she was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. Although it felt like Meniere’s took so much from her, a renewed commitment to Pilates helped her regain control of her body, get her symptoms under control and improve balance and strength in ways she says could have never imagined. Miraculously, her hearing loss has also stabilized.

Along with a strong desire to help those with vestibular/balance issues, I have a passion for teaching kids. Like Joseph Pilates, I would love to see Pilates in every school!

Natt Harrison (Studio Teacher)

After Natt discovered Pilates in 2007, she’s been hooked ever since. She started to see and feel the difference in her mind and body. The idea of needing to know more about her own body, she went on to complete her teacher training with Pilates Institute of Southern California in 2010.Natt has spent over ten years studying and refining her practice in Pilates. She maintains that her practice enables her to have a greater understanding of balance between the mind and body and for that reason she is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates with others.

Iris Agrafiotis (Mat Pilates)

I discovered Pilates in 2015 at YogaWorks Westwood in Los Angeles, and it was clear from the beginning that I was a Pilates girl! Having done competitive gymnastics growing up, Pilates was a way for me to continue practicing the elements of strength, balance, control, flexibility, and mind-body connection. I decided to deepen my own practice in 2016 by completing my classical Mat certification through Equinox.After moving to the valley, I continued my Pilates practice at YogaWorks Tarzana and Strong Body Pilates. I also started teaching Pilates to my middle school students as a physical education option. I soon dove headfirst into the classical Pilates world and was fortunate enough to meet Daniela along the way. When she decided to open Old School Pilates, I was excited to have a new studio to call home. With Daniela’s encouragement, I am excited to be expanding my horizons to include teaching adults and help all age groups find the same love of Pilates I have.

Independent Teachers

Niedra Gabriel  (Pilates/Yoga)

Niedra was fortunate to study under some of the great masters: Romana Kryzanowska, for Pilates, B.K S Iyengar and Yogi Bhajan for Yoga. She certified as a Pilates teacher with Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates. Niedra Gabriel is a highly experienced Pilates and Yoga instructor who takes a comprehensive holistic approach to working with the body, mind and spirit. Niedra’s breadth of expertise also extends to dance, choreography, and Circus/Aerial Arts training. After four decades of teaching and a life dedicated to the mastery of movement and wellness, Niedra bases her work on helping her students and clients to tap into their unique expression of the optimal human blueprint. She teaches master classes in Yoga and Pilates and leads retreats, workshops and teacher training throughout the world. Her popular online videos and classes are available on demand at Pilates Anytime and Pilatesology.

Laura Robbins (Pilates/Yamuna Body Rolling)

YBR, the original small-ball therapy, uses specially designed balls in specific routines to combine the release of massage with the strengthening and toning of exercise, providing an effortless workout and a deep stretch. The ball applies traction that frees connective tissues, re-educates muscles to fully release, and de-codes negative holding patterns.

  • Heals and prevents injury
  • Effective on its own or as a compliment to yoga, dance or any workout
  • Offsets the stress of vigorous exercise
  • Directly stimulates bone, improving density

YBR profoundly enhances any form of fitness or therapeutic practice. After 5 surgeries in 4 years, including back surgery, Ms. Robbins found her passion assisting others out of pain, into strength.

About our Behind the Scenes Team

Holly Acampora: Logo and Gear designer

Holly Acampora is the co-founder of Creation Lab Print Shop in Portland ME. Daniela and Holly have been friends for 12 years. Although they are on different coasts, they have maintained their friendship and enjoyed developing their ever evolving business relationship as well!

“My husband and I have been in the printing and design industry for a long time. Over the years, we’ve carefully collected the knowledge, techniques and experience needed to feel confident opening our own studio. We are now working toward our dream to provide beautifully designed top quality products for the whole family while fulfilling our creative outlet.

Being kind to the environment is important to us and one of our primary goals is to make sure we’re doing what we can to ensure our children and yours grow up in a sustainable world.

We choose to be a water based print shop not just for the superior vintage-like feel of the finished print, but also because it’s PVC and Phthalate free. This allows us to practice safe disposal methods, minimize our waste and partner with other businesses who share the same values. With this in mind, we hope you will not only enjoy wearing our products, but feel good about them too.”

Check Creation Lab Shop out at:


Jenna: Body Care Products

Jenna is the owner of Clean Sol Body Care, which was created to make your daily skin care routine one less thing for you to worry about. These great products are available at the studio. You can check her out at:


Katie: Valleau Apparel

Katie designs all of the pieces herself in sunny San Diego and carefully chooses the materials she knows will compliment women best. All of the manufacturing is done in California and we are proud to be supplying jobs to Americans!

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Mark: Photographer

Mark is Daniela’s first cousin. He is a developer and freelance photographer in the Los Angeles area. You can check him out at:


Dad: Developer

Peter is Daniela’s proud dad and freelance web developer. You can check him out at: