Yamuna Body Rolling the ORIGINAL ball therapy - Old School Pilates

Yamuna Body Rolling the ORIGINAL ball therapy

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

YBR, the original small-ball therapy, uses specially designed balls in specific routines to combine the release of massage with the strengthening and toning of exercise, providing an effortless workout and a deep stretch. The ball applies traction that frees connective tissues, re-educates muscles to fully release, and de-codes negative holding patterns.

  • Heals and prevents injury
  • Effective on its own or as a compliment to yoga, dance or any workout
  • Offsets the stress of vigorous exercise
  • Directly stimulates bone, improving density

YBR profoundly enhances any form of fitness or therapeutic practice. It is the perfect compliment to Pilates!


Upcoming Yamuna Workshops:



“Unzip” The Sideline Routine
April 27th 12:30-2pm

Improve flexibility and range of motion in your hips, knees, low back, and neck.

This workout reaches deep into your sideline accessing tight and worn out areas you might not be aware of, while also freeing your joints of restriction. Tightness and stiffness come with age, but it doesn’t have to be that way- integrating this routine into your life will help to prevent the breakdown of your joints and keep you healthy for years to come.  Keep this routine in your library of self-care tools for those unexpected moments of stiffness.

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“Save Your Back”
May 25th 12:30-2pm

A complete routine to help you heal and maintain a healthy back. This workshop is will address all 3 parts of the back.

Save your lower back from stiffness, pain, herniated disks, or sciatica. The lower back routine works to connect your abdominal muscles with your spine to support healthy lower back function.

Save Your Middle Back that houses your lungs and heart. learn to strengthen and free that area, for improved circulation and body movement. Lengthen and free up your thoracic vertebrae and ribcage

Save Your Upper Back from your shoulders up to your skull. Learn to keep this area aligned and create a long strong, flexible neck with full range of motion. It will help to decompress the vertebrae and relax the tension build-up.

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“Find the Spring in Your Step”
June 22nd 12:30-2pm

Free all the muscles of your thighs, keep your knees healthy and strong, and increase the strength, tone and flexibility of your ankles so your legs can last a lifetime!

This is a must for runners, dancers, cyclists, hikers, and for everyone who wants to keep their legs toned, aligned, long and lean. As you weight bear and roll through your thighs, you can actually iron out the muscles and break up cellulite and congestion.

Feel fluid movement from your feet all the way up through your legs and torso.  After doing this routine, you will start to feel the bounce back in your step!

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